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About Essuubi


At Essuubi Development, we are committed to taking both our shareholders and other stakeholders, including employees and clients, into consideration for strategic decisions. We will source the majority of our building materials locally, sustainably, and/or from recycled sources, and our housing solutions will be aimed at low and middle-income families in need of affordable yet high-quality, safe, and reliable homes.

Building Affordable and sustainable housing in Africa

Essuubi Development is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation, which means it is legally bound to consider both shareholders and other stakeholders in its strategic decisions.

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Essuubi Development will provide affordable and high-quality housing solutions for low and middle-income families in Zambia, including single-family housing units and multi-family apartments. The company will utilize an innovative modular pour concrete system to build its housing units, which will enable faster completion of projects and higher quality homes at affordable prices.

Construction System

Single-bearing in concrete with steel, using aluminum formwork to be effective in time and cost


The Company will strive to make a positive impact on the owners, employees, clients, communities, and environment.

Team Members

Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise.


CEO - Chief Executive Officer | Director
Carl Berglund

Carl Berglund

COO - Chief Operations Officer
Michael A. McClane

Michael A. McClane


Elisha Mugenyi

Paul Venable

Paul Venable

Secretary / Treasurer
Schuyler 'Rocky' Reidel

Schuyler 'Rocky' Reidel


The company's specific public benefit purpose is to create and develop affordable and sustainable housing in Africa while providing employment and skills development opportunities to local communities.


The company will leverage its unique and innovative concrete construction methods for building houses and apartments in Zambia, which will enable faster completion of projects and building high-quality homes at affordable prices.


The company will focus on developing housing units in Lusaka, the capital and largest city of Zambia, in its first year of operations and gradually expand its target area to include rural mining districts throughout the country in the next year.